There are so many ways to connect with our kids so they mind us and are happy to do so.  This past week I went out to dinner and had a conversation with a little boy – he was about 2 years old – who was making quite a racket hollering and banging his spoon on his bowl of soup at the table next to us.  I leaned over to him and told him that the noise was “hurting gramma’s ears.”  He immediately got quiet, his mom smiled at me and we all finished our meals in peace.  When I left, I went over to him and asked for a kiss.  He raised his little head back and whoa!. . .his little face was covered with food.  This gramma was not going to kiss that face.  I kissed the top of his head, he smiled and his mom smiled again, too.  Just shows how kids want to have a good reason to mind us.  His little heart really cared that my ears did not hurt.


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