A friend of mine who is a retired teacher wrote this for handing out to kids who will be living in a teenage homeless shelter here in Grants Pass.  Thank you Wally Coleman!!!


Each of us has within us that which is necessary to develop our own individual potential.  We must utilize our God-given freedom and talents to do this.  We must use this freedom with care, respect and sensitivity regarding the rights and freedoms of others, just as we would have them do to us.  We must seek to use these talents and freedoms in ways that are unselfish and beneficial to ourselves, others and nature.

Along your journey to reach your potential, learn to recognize and avoid falling under the spell of negative peer pressure.  Letting negative thoughts and actions or activities become a part of your life will greatly impede, if not actually interrupt, your progress toward reaching your true potential.

We all receive a variety and quantity of opportunities to develop our talents.  We will continue to receive these so long as we live.  Our parents, teachers, friends and others can positively encourage and assist us in building upon these opportunities and in using our talents to reach our full potential.  We must utilize their assistance and add this to our own insights and efforts.

Stay aware of opportunities to improve.  Be open to assistance and advice from knowledgeable and trusted adults and peers.  Keep a responsible and positive attitude.  Above all, be optimistic.  Study yourself.  Value yourself and your abilities.  You are a unique and special person with great potential to be a precious gift to yourself and to the world.



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